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Sebastian stan2 article

Sebastian Stan Cries Pretty: Part 2

A few days ago in Part 1 of this series we covered some of Sebastian Stan’s earlier, and lesser known roles that involved a lot of eye-acting. Today in Part 2, we focus on some of the roles that helped bring his name to your lips.

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Sebastian Stan Cries Pretty: Part 1

Tumblr’s boyfriend and Romanian dreamboat Sebastian Stan is a star on the rise lately, as he rightly should be! Having recently landed his first leading role in the political drama, The Last Full Measure, with Samuel L. Jackson, Stan is well on his way to becoming one of the greatest actors of our generation. He is an actor who can convey so much with just his eyes, as made evident in his performance as Winter Soldier in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Img 0797 article

Kathleen Kennedy: The Most Powerful Woman in Hollywood You've (Probably) Never Heard Of

The name Kathleen Kennedy should be a household one, and yet despite being third only to Steven Spielberg and Stan Lee in domestic box office receipts your average movie fan is not likely to have even heard of her.

Img 0625 article

Films Starring Women to Watch Instead of Films With Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck has been getting a lot of press lately, and not necessarily for the greatest of reasons.

9802772 nhl vancouver canucks at nashville predators 850x560 article

Nashville Predators Pledge $500,000 Toward Ending Violence Against Women

The Nashville Predators Foundation pledged a $500,000 donation to MEND Nashville on Wednesday, the YWCA’s violence prevention program dedicated to ending violence against women.

84580781 boston bruins v montreal canadiens article

Top 20 Worst NHL Jerseys of All Time

No one is immune from a fashion faux pas, not even professional sports teams. Though there are a lot of great logos and uniforms in the NHL, this isn’t always the case. Today, we count down some of the worst NHL jerseys and uniforms.

623467764 paramount pictures with the cinema society 850x560 article

Sebastian Stan Becomes Tumblr’s Boyfriend in 2016

Much like Bucky Barnes will eventually take up the shield as Captain America from Steve Rogers, Sebastian Stan has taken up the mantle of Tumblr’s Boyfriend from Chris Evans.

Neho21ljuku6jp 1 b article

Full Underworld: Blood Wars Trailer Debuts at New York Comic Con

Kate Beckinsale’s Selene is back in the latest installment of the Underworld franchise – which looks as dark and action packed as fans have come to expect.

Screen shot 2016 09 22 at 12.51.51 pm.0.0 850x482 article

Don’t Want to Get Murdered? Wear The Ōnee!

The Ōnee is the latest in a recent upswing of wearables designed to put the onus on women to protect themselves.

Obvi zoo 36 size article

The Bush is Back

I realized that I actually liked my pubic hair. Not that it’s a favourite feature of mine or anything, but I much prefer to maintain it to my standards than anyone else’s. My current partner, bless him, loves every inch of me, loves me just the way I am – as any partner should. And even if he didn’t, I wouldn’t care. My body is my own, no one else’s. I’m the one that has to live in this flesh and hair suit, I’m the one that’s going to decide how I want it to look.

Jessica jones 1 1200x674 article

The Next Season of Jessica Jones to be Directed Entirely by Women

Executive producer Melissa Rosenberg announced at Transform Hollywood that all 13 episodes of Jessica Jones’ second season will have female directors.

1707 850x560 article

A 3D Printed Clitoris Could Change Women’s Sex Lives

Schools in France will now use a 3D clitoris model in sex ed courses – could this be the latest technology to aid the sexual revolution?

529628568 texas rangers v detroit tigers 850x560 article

Pink Washing and Why I Can’t Stand Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is upon us, which means Breast Cancer Awareness Month is as well. But does all the pink we’re bombarded with actually do anything?

Rsz 1rsz duranduranbr3 850x560 article

Members of Duran Duran Collaborate With At-Risk Youth for New Song

After months of working with at-risk youth in the New York-based Road Recovery program, Duran Duran members John Taylor and Roger Taylor have released the finished product.

9622108 eric staal zach parise nhl toronto maple leafs minnesota wild 850x560 article

Minnesota Wild Need to Improve Their Offense to Succeed This ...

The dump and chase mentality of the Minnesota Wild may have been fruitful in the past, but it’s time for the team to work on their offense in earnest.