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Megan Cox

Freelance writer, aspiring novelist

Hockey, music, social progress, feminism, movies, and celebrity.

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“That Victorian Couple,” Their Steam Powered Blog, and the Fetishizing of the Victorian Era

So, hang onto your fancy vintage hats likely made by child labourers, and pull out your hand-me-down text books with crudely drawn penises doodled on them that haven’t been updated since 1962 — it’s time for a history lesson!

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You Didn’t Make That

In age where doing a reverse Google Image Search makes it almost impossible to not know where any artwork or image originally came from, the attitude of those running the G33K Life account almost comes across as wanting to be contentious for the sake of being contentious. By refusing to give credit where credit is due, apologize for or acknowledge transgressions that they have been called out for by artists and fans alike, they are basically the personified equivalent of plugging their ears with their fingers going “la la la!”